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Here's how the NeuroBall™ generates Neuroplasticity after a stroke.

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The NeuroBall device and tablet with Patient App installed

How it works?

The NeuroBall Platform offers clinicians a physical and digital therapeutic program for traumatic brain injury and stroke recovery. Specifically designed to be an extension of clinical therapy sessions that can be done at home, NeuroBall enables patients to continue performing

increasingly challenging, repetitive movements, with supervision and on their own. Our proprietary tablet-based software is easy to use and fun, making it more likely that patients will recover neuroplasticity after a stroke, spinal cord or traumatic brain injury.

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In the Clinic

After a quick training session, patients can train on their own. Because NeuroBall adapts to even the smallest movement, your patient can progress with whatever movement capability they have. NeuroBall provides biofeedback in the form of engaging therapeutic games and activities to promote patient buy-in to their therapy and motivate them to train more.

A stroke patient using NeuroBall Device with help of a carer

At home

Extend therapy sessions by having your patients perform high repetition therapy at home. NeuroBall is designed to be used by patients independently with occasional therapist check-ins. You can monitor compliance and progress remotely with NeuroBall’s helpful tracking software.

A stroke patient supported by a clinician

Who will benefit?

Patients with upper extremity weakness and loss of range of motion due to a neurological condition, including stroke, traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury can benefit from NeuroBall. From mild to severe impairment, NeuroBall can greatly improve neuroplasticity after injury. Most patients who can place their hand around a bottle of water and sit upright for 5 minutes can use NeuroBall.

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Stroke Recovery Equipment
for Clinic and Home Rehab


Patients can connect with others using app-based activities and games with feedback, tracking, and leaderboards.

Easy to use

Turn it on and connect to WiFi.
Use with either hand. Calibrate device.
Pick an activity and Go!


Lightweight, wireless and battery powered so you can use NeuroBall in bedside and wheelchair bound patients who need arm, hand and shoulder neuro rehab.

Highly Sensitive

Advanced sensors detect the smallest movements, enabling rehab for patients that need shoulder, arm and hand rehab.


Try it across the entire spectrum of upper extremity care and range of conditions including stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury, neuropathy, MS, and more.


A variety of options to fit any budget, from a low month-to-month rental to full purchase.

FDA Registered

NeuroBall is FDA registered as a Class I medical device.

Patient Progress

Patients reported that the quality and amount of movement improved and they were able to use their affected arm and hand more in a wide range of ADLs, including:

Using cutlery

Buttoning a shirt

Picking up a call

Pouring a drink

Putting on glasses

Reading a book

Turning on TV

Brushing teeth

Opening a box

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