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66 years old

How can a virtual clinic help me?

Your dedicated therapist will create a therapy plan just for you and will support you every week through video calls and messages.

65 years old

Do I have to travel for therapy?

No. Say goodbye to exhausting road trips. You will meet with your therapist virtually via video visits from the comfort of your home.

68 years old

Will virtual rehab work for me?

Virtual rehab gives you access to experienced therapists who supervise and motivate you remotely, after thoroughly assessing your needs.

Scheduling an assessment is the first step toward making your comeback after stroke

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“I saw a difference in my hand strength in just a few weeks. Opening the refrigerator is easier, and I’m able to use a knife with my left hand. My shoulder really improved with strength and coordination, and my fingers are able to open easier.”

Kenny, Stroke Patient

Millions of Americans with Stroke struggle to travel to traditional outpatient clinics.

The Stroke Rehab Problem

While the US has great therapy providers, half of stroke patients struggle to access quality care and achieve their goals.

48% of patients do not receive occupational therapy 3 months after stroke.

Only 6-8 sessions over
3 months for patients who received therapy.

Traveling to a clinic is hard. Patients discharged to home receive less therapy.

Results from the STRONG study

Neurofenix Stroke
Virtual Clinic

On average our patients achieve 9 out of 10 rehab goals through our evidence-based stroke therapy programs.

Weekly 45-minute remote therapy sessions with our clinicians

Personalized exercises for
home practice

Monthly assessment sessions to track progress

Technology that is easy to use, fun and evidence-based

Assist you increase your steps and activity levels

Benefits of Virtual Stroke Therapy:


Say goodbye to exhausting clinic commutes! Access high-quality stroke therapy from the comfort of your home, perfect for those with mobility issues or living in remote areas.


Enjoy therapy sessions that fit seamlessly into your daily routine, minimizing disruptions to your commitments.

Personalized Care

Experience tailored therapy sessions designed to meet your specific needs and track your progress, ensuring personalized attention and support.

Reduced Costs

Skip the clinic visits and save money! Our services are more affordable and accessible, bringing therapy right to your doorstep.

Technological Advantages

Achieve better outcomes with continuous progress monitoring by our dedicated therapists, all powered by cutting-edge digital health technology.

Full Body Programs for the Full Body Rehab:

Progress tracking
with NeuroPlatform

NeuroBall™ for Arm & Hand
therapeutic exercises

Expert clinical team and a
dedicated therapist

Arm & Hand, Foot & Leg and Full Body Programs

Activities at home

Stroke Therapy
Success Stories

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Stroke Patient

“It has helped using a knife and fork. I feel that I can move my fingers more easily now.”

testimonee's portrait

Stroke Patient

“One day I realised that I could touch the top of my head! It has an immediate effect and you can see results quickly and the more you do the more results.”

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Stroke Patient

“The great thing about NeuroBall is it helps fill in the gaps between therapy sessions. It has helped with my wrist and finger movement and shoulder pain.”

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Stroke Patient

"I have been unable to use anything independently to get my hand and arm moving until I started using the NeuroBall, and I have tried lots of other devices."

Stroke Patient

“I trained 5 to 6 days a week at night before I went to bed. I saw a difference in just a few weeks. Now, opening the refrigerator is easier, cutting vegetables is easier, and I’m able to use a knife with my left hand.”


Stroke Patient

“You don't even realise you're training. I am training longer & longer every day. My confidence has returned & my attitude to life. I recommend the Neuroball to all my Survivor friends & I now recommend it to you”

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Our team will assess your needs and assist you in setting up personalized virtual therapy sessions.

Scheduling an assessment is the first step toward making your comeback after stroke