Meet the Team

Our global team of highly motivated professionals includes bio-medical engineers, occupational therapists, software engineers and others. Many of us have personal experiences with neurological injuries, which inspire us in our day-to-day work.

Portrait of Guillem

Guillem Singla Buxarrais


Leads strategic direction, oversees operations, drives innovation, and ensures our mission of revolutionizing neuro-rehabilitation is achieved.

Portrait of Dimitrios

Dimitrios Athanasiou


Leads end-to-end NeuroPlatform product lifecycle, drives strategy, manages teams, IP protection, and cross-functional collaboration.

Angela Greene

VP Business Development

Guides strategic plans for neurorehabilitation, drives revenue, manages long-term C-level partnerships, leads negotiations, and transforms market ecosystems.

Portrait of Szabina Olah

Szabina Olah

Senior Finance Director

Leads the Finance, Operations, and Regulatory departments with a focus on optimising billing processes and ensuring smooth order fulfilment.

David Donald, Marketing Director

David Donald

Marketing Director

Crafts captivating marketing stories, orchestrates powerful campaigns, and boosts brand visibility with forward-looking strategies.

Portrait of Katie Riccio

Kathryn Riccio

Manager of Clinical Services

Occupational Therapist leading Virtual In-Home therapy services utilizing Neurofenix's innovative NeuroPlatform technology.

Portrait of Morgan Martin

Morgan Martin

Clinical Specialist

Providing Patient-Centered Care and tailored therapy plans with Remote Therapy Services using Neurofenix's NeuroPlatform.

Portrait of Karen Baker

Dr. Karen Baker

Senior Clinical Specialist

Specializing in neurological conditions, focuses on maximizing recovery through innovative rehabilitation methods.

Portrait of Malgo Perrien

Malgo Perrien

Lead Product Designer

Specializing in User Experience and Product Design, helps Stroke Survivors' in their rehabilitation through meaningful creations.

Portrait of Jacques De Villiers

Jacques De Villiers

Software Lead

Guides software development with a focus on impactful solutions, drawing on a track record of startup success and a commitment to excellence.

Portrait of Jonathan Royle

Jonathan Royle

Senior Software Developer

Brings over a decade of programming experience to improve both the Patient's App and our underlying technology.

Portrait of Samraj Grewal

Samraj Grewal

Manufacturing and Operations Engineer

Engineer leading the hardware development and manufacturing of the Neuroball, ensuring quality for all our Patients.

Portrait of Stephany Molina

Stephany Molina

Patient Consierge

Streamlines patient engagement with expert scheduling, insurance verification, and follow-ups for a compassionate journey to wellness.