How does the NeuroBallâ„¢ generate Neuroplasticity after a stroke?

A man exercising with the NeuroBall device

Our Team, Our Clinical Evidence

Portrait of Katie Riccio

Kathryn Riccio

Manager of Clinical Services,
Occupational Therapist

Katie Riccio has two decades of clinical experience, including treating clients with neurological injuries with a focus on stroke rehabilitation.

Portrait of Morgan Martin

Morgan Martin

Certified Occupational Therapy

Morgan has extensive qualifications in outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation services. She is experienced in developing patient-centred treatment plans.

Patient Progress

Patients reported that the quality and amount of movement improved and they were able to use their affected arm and hand more in a wide range of ADLs, including:

Using cutlery

Buttoning a shirt

Picking up a call

Pouring a drink

Putting on glasses

Reading a book

Turning on TV

Brushing teeth

Opening a box

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