Frequently Asked Questions

Is the NeuroBall covered by insurance, Medicare or Medicaid?

How is the NeuroBall different from other stroke rehabilitation options?

What exactly is included with the NeuroBall Platform?

Do I need to use my own iPad, tablet or computer?

What is included on the tablet?

What are the finger guides and wrist straps for?

Why does it need to be calibrated?

Do you have an in-depth user guide?

Why do I need to have Wi-Fi?

How do I clean the NeuroBall?

How much space do I need to use NeuroBall at home?

What makes the NeuroBall unique?

How can I try the NeuroBall to see if it works for me?

What is NeuroBall used for?

Is the NeuroBall easy to use? I tried other devices and they were too complicated.

Is the NeuroBall FDA approved?

What is neuroplasticity?

Is the NeuroBall clinically proven to work?

How long before I notice an improvement?

How do the therapy exercises change to match the patient’s abilities?

What areas of the body will it benefit?